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Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide.

(From Peter in Rotherham)


What did the ceiling say to the wall?

Meet you in the corner.

(From Oliver in Kidderminster)


Why did Tigger stick his head in the toilet?

He was looking for Pooh.

(From Alison in Dover)


What’s Orange and sounds like a Parrot?

A Carrot.

(From Harry in Bradford)


What do you get if you cross a Sheep and a Kangaroo?

A Woolly Jumper.

(From Karen in Listowel)


Why was the sand wet?

Because the see weed.

(From Sara in Maidstone)


Why did the biscuit go to the doctors?

Because he was feeling crumby.

(From Sandy in Bootle)


Why did the Banana go to the doctor?

Because it was not peeling well.

(From Curtis in Liverpool)


What do Cat’s eat for breakfast?

Mice Crispies.

(From Maureen in Newbury)


What type of bed do fish sleep in?

A Waterbed.

(From Julie in Salisbury)